Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fantastic Four #607

I never get to see Black Panther. Basically, I’ll at least try anything he appears in, since he’s relegated to guest-star status once again. I’m glad I decided to give this book a chance, because while Jonathan Hickman’s big ideas can sometimes disappoint, they don’t this time. Instead, his penchant for grand ideas and secret societies is adding a new level of mystery to Wakanda and a visually exciting new threat for the Panther to deal with. Factor in the FF, and this is a recipe for fun. (I always loved the old issues where the FF would visit Wakanda and be re-impressed every single time.)

This time, Reed Richards and the Future Foundation are certain that they have been summoned to help Wakanda overcome its lack of Vibranium. Instead, the Black Panther has kept the economy booming and he needs the FF’s help with a bunch of skeletons and zombies dressed like Egyptian deities. A simple misunderstanding!

(Note that I’m referring to T’Challa as Black Panther. His sister Shuri is technically the Panther right now, but she has no dialogue or role in this story so far. She’ll never be the Black Panther to me, anyway!)

Giuseppe Camuncoli has been a fave of mine since his Captain Atom series. I sure hope he gets to draw T’Challa in uniform some more next month. He does a nice job here, but I want the real costume! I like his square-jawed Reed Richards, and those white FF uniforms look fantastic.

If Hickman keeps this story focused on exploring cool corners of the Marvel U with sweet guest stars, I may be buying this book again!


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