Saturday, April 20, 2013

Walking Dead #109

So Jesus is human after all. Not only does he make a pretty huge mistake misjudging the character of one of his old acquaintances, Jesus isn’t even his real name! Sure, he gets to show off his bad-ass sneaking skills, and everyone on the Hilltop clearly likes him, but he may have really messed things up for Rick and Ezekiel’s plan for the saviors.

This is a building issue; leading up to the assault on the Saviors that I assume will start next month. Not only do we see Jesus trying to ready the Hilltop in spite of itself, we get to see the Community too. Rick is finally going around telling folks the real deal. Andrea and Carl react as expected, keen to get some revenge on Negan. Michonne reaction makes sense; she’s been a driven, zombie-killing machine for so long, she just exhausted. Rick gets some great lines as he tries to psych her up. And Spencer? I don’t like your chances, kid. You know what happens to people who cross Rick?

Charlie Adlard has a bit easier of a job this month. Kirkman actually includes characters’ names in the dialogue! Adlard actually has created a fair amount of distinctive looks amongst the world’s grubby survivors, but it sure makes it easier when I know their names!


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