Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Captain America #6

Listen. I like Jack Kirby’s insane run on Cap from the 70’s. I like Rick Remender. I like John Romita Jr. I love Captain America. But this story has been going on too long.

I understand sales are dropping pretty quickly on this book, and it is not hard to see why. This is a pretty entertaining story, but it doesn’t exactly feel right for Captain America, does it? Heck, that great looking scene on the cover can’t even happen because Cap is in a tattered costume, wounded, in an alien dimension with a hostile AI in his chest! Cap has been on the run and getting beaten down since the series opened, and that barely changes here. Cap seems to be on the offensive, at least, but he is barely recognizable as our Cap.

It’s too bad, because I really believe that Remender is adding some great new pieces to the Marvel puzzle with Jet Black and Ian. The children of Arnim Zola have a ton of potential, and I think both (but especially Jet) could find a place in the ongoing Marvel U. (I don’t but that Cap would put her down, but I like the cliffhanger!)

Romita Jr’s pencils are always great at kinetic action scenes, but I found myself taken with his facial expressions in this one. Jet Black’s smug smile while Cap’s got her and Ian’s defiance are both crystal clear. I’m also coming around to the weird, gooey version of Arnim Zola. And man, that cover makes me appreciate Cap’s real costume. They need to dump the armor in Avengers, THIS is the real Cap!


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