Sunday, April 21, 2013

Uncanny Avengers #6

Talk about the best of both worlds! I love John Cassaday’s art as much as the next guy, but if we are getting Daniel Acuna as the regular artist on this book AND it is going to come out more regularly??? Well, I’m pretty darn pleased about that. Acuna has been one of my favorites for years now (ever since his revelatory but short run on the Eternals). He can do a mix of Jack Kirby and Alex Ross that no one else can, and he’s a perfect fit for this title. Thor looked great, but that’s pretty easy to do. Now Apocalypse? This has got to be one of the best-looking takes on the character I’ve ever seen. The power and might inherent in his body and armor is so clear, there is no doubt he has the upper hand when dealing with young Thor. And the design on those old-timey Horsemen of Apocalypse? Wow! Absolutely fantastic. I’m actually upset we won’t see more of those guys, their look is tremendous!

Rick Remender deserves another hand too. After moving on from X-Force and over to the Avengers, he’s still working on Apocalypse. I’ve rarely seen a writer use the idea of immortal warriors so well. Of course Thor and Apocalypse fought in the distant past! Of course Thor had a magical weapon before Mjolnir! And OF COURSE the whole battle happened because of Kang’s manipulations.

Seriously, how seamlessly is this tangled web put together? Everyone involved is perfectly in character. The plot adds to the ongoing current story. Plus Thor gets some great moments to kick butt and earn himself a solid win.

This is pretty much a perfect comic for me. Ongoing plot movement, strong character dialogue, consistent use of continuity, tremendous art, and villains getting smashed. Wonderful.


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