Monday, April 8, 2013

Batman Inc. #9

So now I’ve reached a new point in my DC New 52 titles. I am still getting my mail-subscription issues of Batman and Green Lantern, but I’ve actually stopped reading them. They are starting to pile up as my interest level in those books drops. As those titles get more and more disconnected from the DC I know and love, I can’t make myself care.

That is not a problem for Grant Morrison’s Batman Inc.

Unlike the other titles, Morrison ignored the reboot and has been telling his long-form Batman story for years now. This is one masterpiece that stretches back years and years.

Damian Wayne died last issue, killed by his “brother” the unnamed (I believe) flunky of Leviathan/Talia Al Ghul. That guy has always given me a Bane vibe, and that is even stronger this issue when he threatens to break Batman’s back. It takes the combined skill of Batman, Nightwing, and Red Robin to just get away. Unfortunately, that leaves Wayne Tower in the hands of the baddies, and Gotham City in a general state of chaos.

Since this is called Batman Inc., we get to check in on the larger cast, too. After Knight’s death two issues ago, his sidekick steps up and takes his place, with the Squire becoming the new Knight. I’m pleased, it looks like she is going to be a part of the final battle, along with a few of the other more prominent Batmen. We also see Jason Todd’s predicament; it looks like he’s surrounded by Talia and other attractive ladies. I’m confident Jason can resist the temptation to turn sides.

Chris Burnham should be really proud of himself. He came in after Frank Quitely established the look and tone of Morrison’s run and he’s carried the torch. I’m enjoying his stuff at least as much as Quitely’s now, even though Burnham is clearly aping the other artist’s style. .The scenes with Batman marching through the rain carrying Damian’s torch are touching and ominous, and the scene where Bruce “suspends” Alfred is heartbreaking and raw. Great work.


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