Thursday, April 11, 2013

Age of Ultron #4

After last week’s snooze-fest, at least this issue feels like it is trying to go somewhere. Unlike Black Panther (and one of his partners goes in this issue), when She-Hulk and Luke Cage have to sacrifice for the greater good, it at least seems worth it. It also moves the plot forward.

Not only that, but Bendis seems to have brought his geographically diverse cast together. We’re down a couple more players, but Black Widow, Moon Knight, Red Hulk, and Ka-Zar all join the resistance in a more official capacity. This is playing out like a long What If? story, but half the fun of those old comics was seeing which heroes happened to survive. Anyone have any bets on how long Quicksilver or Monica Rambeau last? I give them one more issue.

I’m also growing more and more convinced that Nick Fury’s secret bailout plan is just to time-hop back and prevent Hank Pym from creating Ultron. Perhaps Pym will somehow survive, since he’s in the cast of that new Robot Avengers title, but I’m not quite sold yet. Too easy for that to end up being Scott Lang or something.

Bryan Hitch’s art has a habit of bringing out Bendis’ worst tendencies. The wide-screen approach to comic can lead to a lot of empty panels where dialogue would make things a bit more interesting or involved. The two creators mesh a bit better this issue; I really enjoyed the escape from New York sequence with the surviving Avengers going on the run. Invisible Woman really is quite powerful, isn’t she?


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