Monday, March 18, 2013

Walking Dead #108

This comic already asks you to suspend your disbelief about zombies and overcoming grievous bodily injury. This issue, Robert Kirkman is going to ask you to go a bit farther. You need to accept that a guy can have a pet tiger that walks around and obeys what he says. If you are OK with that, then you are going the dig this issue. Cause King Ezekiel has a tiger.

Kirkman continues lining everything up for the big confrontation that has been building in the series for months. Negan continues to be a jerk to his underlings; he beats them at ping pong then boasts about how he’s going to hook up with his stolen women. The guy is plain unlikable, but you have to respect that he doesn’t hide just how cruel he really is. He might be treating his people too badly, based on this issue, but again, I’m not sure I buy the issue’s cliffhanger quite yet.

Charlie Adlard has to stretch his muscles this month. Lots of different locations and storylines get a check in. We see Michonne and Carl team up against some zombies. It felt a lot like a scene from the TV show, so much so that I even felt like the characters resembled their on-screen counterparts. That’s probably me projecting.

The Community’s resident bonehead, Spencer, is taking time to pray about his upcoming choice. I have no doubt he’s planning no killing Rick. He’s been jealous ever since Andrea decided she preferred Rick over him. I was also surprised to see Father Gabriel still alive. I was sure he was dead!

The bulk of the issue shows Rick and Jesus as they gain an audience with Ezekiel. He’s not taking Negan’s protection racket lying down either. I loved the whole tone of the meeting; Ezekiel feels he has the situation so well in hand that Rick’s info is honestly all he needs. Rick has to repeatedly offer to help in the upcoming battle. It’s nice to see someone who might actually be a competent good guy!

Ezekiel’s design is a lot of fun too. He’s got a sweet star shirt, a feather in his dreads, and a wicked cane. Hail to the king!


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