Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thor: God of Thunder #5

Well now that’s weird. I absolutely loved this issue when I started reading it, because it promises the beginning of the Gorr, the god-butcher’s comeuppance. In the past, present, and future, Thor is out to turn things around and start bringing it to the new villain. I finished the book eagerly anticipating the final showdown with the Butcher. But it seems I’m wrong, this is the conclusion of the first arc. 

It is labeled as “Part 5 of 5” yet as far as I can tell, there is no resolution in sight.

In the past, Thor’s Viking companions show their grit and loyalty in facing down the Butcher. Thor manages to bust free and really do some damage to his captor. In the present, Avengers-Thor is on the warpath, hunting down Gorr and his underlings as they attempt to change the universe by traveling through time. Thor is having none of it, and once again wallops Gorr a bit. Gorr’s got a master plan, but I don’t think he’s got quite the upper hand he thinks he does against Thor.

In the future, old Thor needs some help. Good thing Avengers-era Thor is doing some time-travelling, huh?

I have really enjoyed this story, but I must confess I’m ready for a full on confrontation. I want our hero to get his licks in and be able to do something besides chase the god butcher around the galaxy. I think that time is coming; I just think it should have come at the conclusion of this arc rather than in a later one.

Esad Ribic’s art is wonderful, but surely he can’t keep this up? I need to check out the solicits, I don’t think this level of painted work is too quick to produce. Although looking back, there are definitely some shortcuts in the backgrounds. Most panels just have different colors. I didn’t notice that on first read, though, because they colors are used to effectively to feature the foreground characters. This book is like a Brom painting come to life!


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