Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Captain America #5

I’m still not convinced this was the right way to kick off a new Captain America series. I’m seeing the falling sales numbers and the negative reviews online, and it just bums me out. I love that Rick Remender has embraced the madness of Jack Kirby’s run on Captain America. He’s introduced some great new characters in Ian and Jet Black, and Cap’s fighting spirit is on display every issue. Heck, next month’s cover has me excited to see Cap fighting back!

But I’m not sure it is a good idea to spend 5 issues in an insane alternate reality with only two or maybe three recognizably human characters. The Phlox of whatever they are called are just too inhuman to be relatable, and that hurts the drama of the current storyline. It is hard to believe that this story will really “count” in any meaningful way. At most, we’ll get a redesigned Arnim Zola and Jet Black back in the Marvel U. I suppose Ian could make it out somehow, but man, that would be one big parallel with Batman and Damian, wouldn’t it?

I like that Jet Black is showing some signs of a conscience. With no actual Big Barda appearing in comics, I suppose I’ll take a copy in the Marvel Universe!

John Romita Jr.’s art is always fun; take a look at that panel where Zola’s gross copy slops out of Cap’s chest cavity! But this arc lets him indulge in his most insane monster-drawing, and that means that once again, things look a bit too far out. You have to be a real fan of his style to pore over 20 pages of insane monsters.



KlownKrusty said...

One problem that this story line has is that it's taking too long to get started.

The opening issue with Cap being thrust into Dimension Z was full of promise. But since then, the issues skip forward with those "7 years later" type captions and yet give the impression nothing has happened in all that time.

Maybe would have worked as a two- or three-parter, the way Grant Morrison used to slip into a "trapped in an Elseworlds" story in JLA. At five issues and counting, it's doesn't seem to have enough energy to propel it.

PS - I've really enjoyed Rick Remender's writing on Uncanny and Secret Avengers. This is a misfire, but the guy's definitely one of Marvel's best right now.

KlownKrusty said...

Oh and this...

"it's doesn't seem to have enough energy to propel it."

- I meant "IT doesn't seem to have enough energy to propel it." Instead I end up talking like Popeye!

Timbotron said...

I agree 100%. The alternate world and the slow start are going to cost it readers. It is too bad.

Uncanny Avengers is far and away my favorite Avengers title at the moment. And Remender wrote Hawkeye correctly too!