Monday, March 4, 2013

Uncanny Avengers #4

I love the Uncanny Avengers. I love the villain, the art, the characters, the new ways Rick Remender can play all these folks off each other. There is a ton to like in Marvel’s new flagship title.

This issue actually has the team sort of come together. Instead of weird pairings, more and more characters start to actually join up and form a team. Remender gives us some fantastic pairings that feel really new. The Marvel U is an old place, so it is tough to see new character interactions, but this issue is full of them. Havok and Captain America, Havok and Scarlet Witch, Scarlet Witch vs. Thor. It’s got a ton of new combos. But Remender still delivers what we want, a Captain America vs. the Red Skull conflict; it’s worked for decades, and it is still effective.

There are a bunch of weird moments tossed in during Red Skull’s America bashing. Anything that can call back to Days of Future Past and mock reality TV is OK by me. As with all offensive tirades, there are just a few bits of truth mixed in to the Skull’s rant about America’s decline. That is why the Skull is an A-list villain. And that is why is so very sweet when the Marvel heroes get to knock him down.

John Cassady’s art is stunning. The Thor/Scarlet Witch conflict plays out like a heavyweight showdown, although I’m not sure that’s exactly how the Witch’s powers work. Poor Havok’s lumpy face makes him look ridiculous through the entire issue, but when it is time for him to deliver a speech, it just makes him look dedicated. And wow, it is weird seeing Thor look so much like a villain… he’s got a look that could make the switch, you know? I’d say I love all the new designs except for Cap’s new combat armor. Everything else looks like a modernized version of classic costumes. And soon we get Wasp, Sunfire, and Wonder Man!


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