Saturday, March 23, 2013

Avenging Spider-Man #18

How fun is it seeing this proactive Spider-Man? Otto Octavius might be a better Spidey than Peter Parker.

When Electro returns to New York after being blasted away by Thor, Doc Spidey is immediately on the scene. Not only that, but Otto tracks down Thor to warn him about the return. Christopher Yost does a great job showing Otto stay ahead of every move Electro makes. He knows where Electro goes for help, he knows the plan, and he tries to head it off every chance he gets.

Yost’s Thor is a bit of an oaf. Thor can always take himself too seriously, and his dismissive attitude towards Spidey is abrasive. I like thinking that Peter Parker would have just rolled with it and made a quip, but Doc Spidey is offended and grumpy. Thor doesn’t have to do much besides survive some lightning strikes, but he does come off as a noble hero looking out for everyone else.

Really, this book couldn’t fail. It has Doc Spidey, Thor, Electro, and AIM. That’s certainly enough classic Marvel elements to keep me happy. The story is slight fun; it won’t leave a lasting impression, but it certainly holds up as a strong Marvel team-up.

Marco Checchetto draws in the same style as Gabriel Del Otto. Sometimes that means the action isn’t quite as “fun” as I’d like in my Marvel comics. Electro is sporting his tattooed face look rather than his great mask. Thor’s current costume doesn’t have the same flair as some of the more Kirby-esque designs. That said, Checchetto’s Spider-Man and AIM agents look tremendous. I love the textured feel of the Superior Spider-Man costume throughout the issue.


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