Friday, March 29, 2013

Daredevil #24

The solicitation for this issue suggests that Matt Murdock might give up being Daredevil because of Foggy’s cancer. That never really raises its head as an option, but I love that the chaos and scrambling in Matt Murdock’s life is once again affecting his time as Daredevil. I think Spider-Man is the only other character in comics who has as much drama out of the costume as he does in it.

Mark Waid is showing us that there is a method to the madness that has plagued the series so far. Coyote, Klaw, and the other villains who have showed up so far are all connected. We see the mastermind, attended by a female silhouette, as he is locked into a sensory-depravation suit. I’m not sure which villain has a situation this close to Daredevil’s, but I’m confident Waid will have found someone good. It might be a new villain, but I’m betting on the re-imagining and elevation of an old character.

The fight this issue is pretty brief, when Matt Murdock has to fight off a crowd of sensory-enhanced dogs. These beasts are related to the mutated humans DD fought last month, but the animals are a lot easier to take out. Hank Pym shows up for cleanup duty, and he also chimes in with a diagnosis for Foggy’s condition too.

Waid write Pym as a scientist first and hero second Combined with Chris Samnee’s take on the Giant Man costume, and Pym really seems out of place as a hero. He just doesn’t have the body language to carry himself in the same class as Daredevil. That said, I sure hope Waid isn’t writing Pym in that Ultron spin-off just to kill him.

Samnee’s art is once again fantastic. The book would have been light on combat without the dog attack, and Samnee wisely shows Murdock’s lawyer clothes tearing away, revealing the DD costume underneath. Samnee handles the emotional scenes well too, showing off his versatility and strength in storytelling. Again, I’m not sure I love his baggy-suited Giant Man, but I do appreciate the effort to give him a different look than other characters.


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