Monday, March 11, 2013

All-New X-Men #8

Angel! Action! Avengers!

This is one of the best issues of All-New X-Men so far. By finally giving Warren Worthington (in both of his incarnations) the spotlight, Bendis answers a lot of questions. Current Angel seems to be pretty darn powerful, content, and an eager super-hero. When Hydra attacks Avengers Mansion, Angel darts in and starts taking out bad guys. He’s having a great time doing it, too. I do wonder how much this Angel really remembers, he occasionally makes comments that lead me to believe he might remember more than he’s letting on.

Young Angel has always been one of the more reluctant time-lost X-Men. He does his best to keep up with his energetic older self, but it is too much for the kid. He wants to go home and he’s desperate to get there. I really like how that problem is resolved. I never predicted Bendis would take this particular character in the direction he does here. Judging from the faces of all the other cast members, I don’t know if they saw it coming either!

Bendis has expressed his happiness at writing Kitty Pryde and Iceman as a couple and that shines through here. Their banter while filling in the blanks for Captain America and Beast’s discussion is quite amusing. The Avengers don’t have much more than an extended cameo with no real conflict. Cap trusts Beast enough to keep anything from getting violent.

David Marquez’ art continues to be a delight. His facial expressions sell the scenes between the different Angels from start to finish. (Old Angel might need a haircut, though.) I’m not sold on this version of Beast yet, but I’m holding out hope that he can just grow his signature haircut back and look a bit more normal. Marquez also sticks the landing in the closing scene. His Jean Grey looks young but determined, and I find myself enjoying Jean’s 60’s style hair and costume.

I still say that some of the young X-Men AND some of the experienced X-Men need to join up with Cyclops’ Xavier School. I don’t really see any seeds planted in the group yet. Could Bendis be planning to move Jean Grey there? I will admit it seems Bendis has this book heading in a very interesting direction.


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