Thursday, February 28, 2013

Superior Spider-Man #4

I think this is my favorite issue of Superior Spider-Man so far. 

A lot of it has to do with the art. I like Ryan Stegman’s work, but his lean Spidey doesn’t seem threatening enough in this current story. Giuseppe Camuncoli draws a bulkier Spidey; a Spidey who actually intimidates on the page. When you see him go up against the White Rabbit or the folks at Horizon labs, you see why they are scared, now. This doesn’t feel like Spider-Man. The added bit with Octo-Peter wearing Doc Ock style goggles really drives the point home, too. Well played!

And how great is it that “slacker” Peter Parker was never able to get his doctorate, but with Doc Ock steering, he’s finally going to finish his coursework. It’s hard to argue that for as much as Ock is messing up Pete’s life; he may be doing some improvements too. Peter Parker may be becoming a bit of a mad scientist with human trials and a robotic assistant, but there is no denying he’s also pretty darn productive right now.

But honestly, my favorite thing in this issue is seeing Sha Shan doing physical therapy with Aunt May. I have not seen that character in years. Is Flash Thompson around? I want to see the two of them interact again! Dare I dream that Dan Slott will continue mining old Spectacular Spider-Man back issues for characters? Tarantula? Cloak & Dagger?


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