Sunday, February 3, 2013

Green Lantern #16

Ugh, unrelated to content, I need to give everyone a warning. I subscribe to this book through DC’s mail-order program, so I get this in my mail box each month. It comes in bad shape. Folded down the middle, often with worn corners. It comes in a bag, but it is upsetting that the book gets this messed up before coming in the door. I am only paying like 50 cents an issue, so I suppose I can’t complain, but it is jarring! 

On to the actual issue! Once again, we see that Hal Jordan is one of the weaker characters in the DCU (nu or old). This new guy, Baz, is so much more likeable than Hal and he’s only been around a handful of issues. Seeing Baz muddle his way through his induction into the Corps says a lot about the guy, and it is all good. He is willing to take on his new GL role, but he makes sure to take care of unfinished family business first. 

And Geoff Johns really sells that unfinished business. Baz wants to try and pull his brother-in-law (and best friend) out of a coma. Unfortunately, according to the B’dg, the GL who is showing Baz the ropes, that it is simply beyond the power of a GL power ring. Only Baz doesn’t accept that. He keeps straining and working, focusing his willpower on his friend. When the issue is resolved, B’dg’s awe and respect instantly raises Baz’s status. In only a few issues, we can see the potential this guy has. Plus, he carries a gun as a backup weapon, so he’s good and modern, too! 

Doug Mahnke’s art is as striking as always. B’dg d doesn’t look as silly as Ch’p used to, but he clearly hails from the same planet. He’s a realistic drawing of a cartoon character. Mixed up in the dark world of the DCnU and Green Lantern, he fits in just fine. Baz’s mask is still ridiculous, but he spends enough time out of it that we can get a good feel on the character. Solid work. 


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