Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fearless Defenders #1

I had very high hopes for this book after really enjoying a lot of Cullen Bunn’s other recent work. After reading the first issue, I’m not sure quite where I stand yet. I like Misty Knight and Valkyrie, I’m just not sure I like them together. The oddball pairing is a focus of the issue, but it is really jarring, the two of them do not seem like they would work together well.

A bigger problem is that while I definitely understand why Val would be at the core of this book, right now Misty is just hanging around for a paycheck. (She is the operator of Heroes for Hire, so it makes sense.) The problem is, money isn’t a great motivation for what is essentially a partner/buddy book.

I have one more concern about this premiere issue. I’ve long said that a first issue that features ninjas or robots doesn’t have a strong antagonist. In recent years, I’ve added zombies to the list. So, when Misty and Val team up to fight off a horde of Asgardian undead, I’m worried. A new launch like this is really defined by its villains, and right now, I’m not seeing one.

Bunn has earned a few issues based on his other work, so I’ll be back. But I’m a tad worried!

I’m unfamiliar with the artist, Will Sliney. He looks new, with some panels looking great and some having a bit of an odd perspective on some faces and joints occasionally being a bit oddly placed. It’s not a distraction, though, and his work on the core characters is consistent. He also does a nice job with continuity between panels, so the storytelling is strong too.


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