Saturday, February 16, 2013

All-New X-Men #7

I remain torn on this title specifically, and Bendis’ work in general. Like always, I enjoy some of the moments between his leads. Cyclops and Wolverine has some interesting back and forth, and I really dig the original X-Men’s attempt to find their place at the Jean Grey Academy. Seeing Iceman and Kitty Pryde face each other down over pushups is a nice little scene!

BUT. Numerous pages of this issue are spent watching Cyclops go to a bank and open a safe deposit box. We see him taking money out of the box. We see how some of the different employees feel about it. We see a whole page of him getting out (with some interesting help.) The pacing is just so far from what I hope for in a $3.99 book!

I really like the way Bendis uses Mystique here. She lies to young Cyclops, but she sprinkles in enough half-truths to make things really confusing. I also appreciate she’s the only one sticking up for old Cyclops’ mind-controlled actions in AvX. Cyke is still a hero, darn it!

And the art! David Marquez draws everyone looking young, but he’s really good! I want to see him drawing more “comic-booky” things! Here we are, 7 issues into this series and I don’t feel like the book has expanded too far from what it was in issue 1. The young X-Men have bounced into the future. They haven’t fought anyone, but they are sort of deciding to stay. Why? What are they hoping to do, exactly? Unclear. 7 issues is a long time for this stuff to be unresolved.


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