Friday, February 8, 2013

Avengers #5

Now that we’re a few months in to Jonathan Hickman’s run, I’m enjoying it quite a bit. This is probably my favorite issue so far. Hickman introduces us to Izzy Dare, a would-be astronomer who got stuck home taking care of her farm in the Midwest with her Dad and Grandfather. Things seemed to be going along pretty quietly until she found a set of power-goggles that turned her into the new Smasher of the Imperial Guard.

There is a real “special destiny” tone to the comic. Izzy’s life is fine, but her Grandfather thinks she’s in a cage in a “normal” life. She’s set free to join both the Avengers and the Imperial Guard, and now she can blossom. It’s a great, classic theme in comic books; everyone wants to believe they have some awesome potential.

Hickman is doing a nice job with the reduced cast, too. I’m actually starting to get a feel for Manifold, a character who has been an enigma since this book launched. Cannonball and Sunspot show up, but are not named and don’t do much. I hope they get something next issue! Captain America and Wolverine get some spotlight, as does the Hulk, so the core guys are getting their panel time.

It is also really nice to see the Imperial Guard again. I recently re-read the old 90’s series (review coming soon) so it is neat seeing Oracle, Warstar, and the others showing up. I don’t recognize everyone, but that almost adds to the intrigue of another star system’s super-team.

I’m not sure who designed the new Smasher costume, but Adam Kubert does a nice job with it. She’s got a bit of a pilot look with those goggles, and the generic “T” chest symbol is a neat touch. Smasher looks like a character who could have any number of power sets, like someone made up in character generator software. But the design, colors, and powers are striking. I really hope she sticks around.


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