Sunday, February 17, 2013

Superior Spider-Man #3

Does it make anyone else feel a bit dirty when they hop on these bandwagon titles? I was years behind on Spider-Man, and yet I hopped right back in when Doc Ock took over as the webslinger. I haven't read Spidey regularly since he joined the FF in his white costume. I meant to keep up, and I'm sure I'll get the trades, but I switched back to floppies because I wanted to be streets ahead with Marvel's most-talked about title.

Dan Slott is telling an interesting tale. Doc Ock is "driving" Spider-Man's body, but Peter Parker can subtly influence what Ock does. New wrinkles are coming out every issue. This time we learn that just like Ock has access to all of Spidey's memories, Peter Parker can go snooping around in Doctor Octopus' past too. This has got to lead to a new level of understanding between the two, right? Or will familiarity breed contempt?

Ock does seem to have a few legitimate soft spots. This issue we find out about his compassion for kids. It is an interesting development; I'm curious if this is more of Peter's influence making Ock more thoughtful, or if Ock would always have been this offended?

Again, Slott is in some fairly uncharted territory here. Imagine if Firestorm's components hated each other and weren't aware of each other's presence, and you are close to what's going on in this book.

It's hard to read this book and not talk about Ryan Stegman's art. He has scratched up his work with some nice cross-hatching, but his cartoony roots are still showing up. He's inspired by J. Scott Campbell, right? It seems pretty clear when he draws the ladies.

The Vulture's newest underlings really are younger than is acceptable, but Stegman draws them like toddlers! I don't mind, it makes for a more dramatic turn for Doc Spidey. I sort of miss the more classic look for the Vulture. The slimming black suit isn't as dynamic as the green, winged look. I'm hoping the next classic villain is in more old-timey duds.


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