Monday, February 11, 2013

Transformers: Robots in Disguise #7-13

So I’m coming in quite late on this thing, but I really need to start reviewing some of my favorite comics. I buy the IDW Transformers books after the digital price drop to $1.99, so I’m a tad behind, that’s why I haven’t been reviewing them. That’s a mistake, though, because these books are quite good. I think I’ll have to start posting reviews anyway!


John Barber’s title is the one that focuses on Bumblebee’s attempt to rebuild Cybertron. Over the course of the first 12 issues, we’ve seen Bee stumble and fail, as the Decepticons and others work against him. One of the more interesting aspects of the last few issues has been Prowl’s loyalties. He’s had Arcee working as his private assassin since issue 1, but now things are getting even more confusing.

Prowl seems to really hate the Decepticons, but that belies a pretty shocking splash page in issue 13. Over the past few months, Prowl and Arcee killed Soundwave, Shockwave, the Constructicons, the Insecticons, and all the tapes (and even more). It’s been bloody! So imagine my surprise when all those guys show up in a splash page, alive, WITH Prowl. And Prowl has a beaten Wheeljack at gunpoint. That’s not good at all. Prowl is one of my faves, so I’m really hoping he’s not turning Decepticon.

Of course, the Decepticons might be losing a member too. A bunch of the issues have had Starscream in a major role, and he’s actually working with Bumblebee and the Autobots to bring peace to Cybertron. Now, of course he’s doing it to consolidate his own power and to scheme his way to the top, but man, it sure seems at least possible that Starscream could end up switching sides too. Unbelievable!

So that’s the core plot, but there are plenty of cameo moments for old favorites. Sideswipe, Bluestreak, Jetfire, Blur, Skylynx, Warpath, and more are cameo-level through much of the book. Wheeljack and Iron Hide have more starring roles. The main Decepticons are off-panel during their “deaths,” but it is worth it for that reveal!

Andrew Griffith’s art is interesting. The characters are all recognizable as their old “toyetic” selves, but they are all bulked up with extra guns and details. I’ve heard these might be in line with newer toys, but I’m not sure. All I know is look at Prowl on that cover and you’ll know if the art style works for you. I think the ‘bots look awesome, and Griffith draws a lot of robotic violence to keep the tempo high.


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