Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Convergence: Justice League #1

DCU vs. Flashpoint!

I can sum up my interest in the older versions of DC’s heroes in one simple sentence. I’m paying $3.99 an issue for the chance to see these characters. And that is without digital codes. After all, those codes are how I justify the ridiculous $3.99 price point on Marvel’s books.

So after being so pleasantly surprised by the first couple Convergence books, I’ve decided that I’m all in. I might as well give DC some of my money when they put out a product close to what I actually want.

I was never a huge fan of James Robinson’s pre-Flashpoint run with the JLA, but I still bought it. What I enjoyed about this collection of heroes is that while most of them were serving on the League, some other characters have been shuffled about to make the story work more smoothly. Congorilla is namedropped, but not actually in the book. And Mera wasn’t in the league, but she’s practically become a member during the year the team has been trapped under the dome. So the lineup ends up as Zatanna, Supergirl, Jade, Jesse Quick, Vixen, and Mera. I’ve got to admit, that is a pretty great lineup with a fantastic spread of powers. I wouldn’t mind seeing these characters do more together, especially seeing how well they get along after their year in captivity.

A lot of the issue doesn’t involve super heroics, instead focusing on the relationships and interactions of the heroes. The moment Telos shows up to make his repetitive announcement sort of derails the book, to be honest.

I know nothing of the Flashpoint Aquaman, but he sure seems like a full-on villain. He’s not supposed to be nuanced, is he? I mean, he kidnaps Mera, tells her she’s his, and he seems to have no remorse over attacking Gotham. I don’t like that Mera is this submissive after Aquaman grabs her, but she still has time in the next issue to make up for it.

Vicente Cifuentes does a nice job with the artwork. The ladies look good in their costumes, FP Aquaman looks dangerous. There are an awful lot of belly shirts and skimpy outfits on the protagonists, but maybe that is accurate and I’m just old fashioned. Heck, judging by Arrow and the Flash on CW, I guess even scientists go to work in belly shirts!

This is a Fair to GOOD comic. Admittedly, seeing the real versions of these characters really softens my attitude towards the core plot, which is rapidly getting old. 

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