Friday, April 24, 2015

Convergence: Green Lantern / Parallax

Zero Hour vs. Crisis!

Well that Parallax retcon from Geoff Johns has really colored how Hal Jordan is viewed, huh? Tony Bedard’s story places the burden of Emerald Twilight clearly on the shoulders of Parallax rather than on Hal Jordan. When the dome went up around Metropolis, Hal Jordan regained control of his body and immediately regretted his actions. All that murder and mayhem from Twilight happened while Parallax was driving.

Kyle Rayner only had the ring working for a short time before the dome came down. And Hal Jordan has been sitting in a jail since then, asking that he be made to pay for his crimes. I’m sort of torn on this one, because unlike in the JLI crossover where I’m seeing the best incarnation of those characters, I actually like the pre-52 Kyle and Hal. Their experiences shaped them into better people, and in Kyle’s case, his comic book experiences made him into one of my favorite DC characters. This book ALMOST gives me back the real Kyle Rayner, he’s just a tad off. But at least he’s a Green Lantern instead of a weirdo White Lantern.

As someone who came into the DCU after Crisis, I have absolutely no idea who the folks in Electropolis are. I guess the gal who shows up in Metropolis can manipulate the Green like Swamp Thing, but other than that, she’s a total blank for me. That’s OK, though, because it sure seems like the true antagonist in this story is going to be the newly ascendant Parallax. I think Kyle will have to rein him in as he did in the 90’s, which is fine with me. After all, I’m the 40-year-old man who has a Daryl Banks poster of Kyle fighting Parallax over my bar.

Ron Wagner’s art has always been strong, but he can sometimes get a bit sketchy for my taste. But thanks to the strong inks of Bill Reinhold, this book looks really good. Kyle is back in his 90’s era look, complete with excellent crab mask. And man, Parallax did have a nice costume, didn’t he? I sort of wish these characters were facing down more Kingdom Come characters, I think Wagner and Reinhold could do a bang-up job with Magog.

I’m pretty much over the Tellos-mandated battles at this point. As a narrative device, it is rather lazy. However, Convergence, for me, has nothing to do with the battles; it is all about getting a few more pages featuring characters I used to love.

As a comic, this is GOOD thanks to the characterization and art. The plot is POOR but I’m learning to look past that and enjoy the good parts. 

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