Monday, March 23, 2015

Spider-Gwen #1

I know next to nothing about Spider-Gwen. In Spider-Verse, Gwen had a featured role, but there wasn’t a whole lot of character development for her. In the new series, Jason Latour gives us a lot more, but it is clearly picking up from a series or one-shot that I haven’t read. For example, Gwen spends a lot of time dealing with a rock band called the Mary Janes, but I have no idea who they are or what the history is. Latour does a nice job catching me up, but this doesn’t exactly feel like a first issue.

To be honest, I could have used a tad more explanation that this was an alternate Earth. I mean, I know this Vulture is different than the one we know. I see that Ben Grimm is a cop instead of being the Thing. But there are so many subtle (or not-subtle) callouts to the regular Marvel U, it did limit how invested I got in this comic.

The whole tone of this comic is definitely along the lines of DC’s Batgirl of Burnside relaunch. That goes for the art too. Robbi Rodriguez’s art is very stylized and modern, not done in the normal Marvel style. It is fine but not exactly for me. That said, I love Rodriguez’s design on the Spider-Gwen costume. That is a striking, excellent design.

Like many other current and upcoming comics, I’m pretty sure I’m not the target audience for this comic. Hey, I hope folks dig it, but I’m probably going to pass on picking up the next issues. 

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