Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wytches #1

So after reading Wytches #1 (along with other Image horror books like Revival and Outcast) I have to ask myself; do I only like super-hero comics? I don’t think that is the case, but none of these horror books have really captured my attention in a way that I must know more. Fatale has certainly been good, but in general, I seem to like my horror with a dash of super-heroics (like The Goon and Hellboy). Anyway, on to this particular issue.

Scott Snyder needs no introduction after turning the Batman title into a sales juggernaut. His work on Batman has been quite strong, but I didn’t find myself as drawn into the story in this issue. Our protagonist is Sailor Rook, a teenage girl whose family just moved after a bullying incident went very, very wrong. It certainly seems like Sailor is either a “wytch” herself, or at least strongly connected to them. Most of the set-up in this issue plays it as a family drama, with the Rooks struggling to find peace in their new setting. I absolutely love that the family seems to be fairly well-adjusted and supportive, and who wouldn’t love the playful father-daughter banter established early in the book?

There are absolutely some scary, horrifying moments in the book. From the cold open to the looming sense of impending danger that closes the book. But… what exactly is a wytch? Are they tree zombies? They have general magical powers? I’m not quite clear. Oh, the book is scary, but I like my monsters with rules, dangit! No Ring-ghosts just running around doing whatever they want! Gimme Draculas, Frankensteins, and Wolfmans any day of the week, at least they have rules!

JOCK nails the scene with moody, atmospheric art. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, as he’s put out fantastic, unique work for years. From the “homey” character design of the rooks to the terrifying scenes in the woods, this is a nice-looking book.

So in the end, this is an AVERAGE comic for me, one that I’m willing to bet will read a lot better in trade format when we can see a bit more of the plot moving along. I’ll add it to the library list! 

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