Monday, July 14, 2014

Transformers: Regeneration One v2 TPB

Skorponok leads the charge! This second volume of the "original, continuing adventure" for the Transformers switches antagonists as Megatron fades from view. Instead, former headmaster Skorponok steps up with a pretty diabolical plan.

At the end of the series in the '80s, a bunch of the characters had used nucleon, a strange substance that removed the Transformers' ability to change forms, but souped up their energy levels or brought them back from near death. Grimlock has been searching for a cure, now that most of the recipients are unhappy or in agony after using the substance. Skorponok has a fix, but he wants Grimlock to help him with his little plan too. Skorpy has invented a device that turns Autobots evil.

This leads to a great little chase where more and more Cybertron-based Autobots are "freed" from the burden of morals. Grimlock gets the ball rolling when he turns Perceptor, but most of the Autobots quickly fall too. In the end, the Dinobots, Grapple, Hosehead, Blurr, and Crosshairs eventually represent the last 'Bots in control of themselves. (Hot Rod is still around too, but he's busy with other problems.)

In the end, Simon Furman has a nice little twist that shows the Autobots' ingenuity and gives the villain his appropriate comeuppance. There are also plenty of clues about where the rest of the series is headed. Galvatron, Soundwave, and Hot Rod all seem to have subplots percolating that should lead us into our next volume.

Andrew Wildman's art is still tremendous. I wish he was drawing a few more "classic" Transformers, though. He gets to draw a ton of Autobots as more and more of them start showing up, but since Megatron killed most of my old favorites in v1, we don't have enough cassettes, jets, or insecticons hanging around. Me Timbotron disappointed.

This isn't as strong as More Than Meets the Eye, but it is probably as entertaining as Robots in Disguise. Fans of the 80's series owe it to themselves to see how this GOOD comic ends.

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