Friday, July 11, 2014

Infinity: The Hunt #1-4

I will say this: the crossover/spin-offs for Infinity do a remarkable job maintaining the level of quality and the excitement from the main title. Having read all of the Infinity books and crossovers on Marvel Unlimited, boy am I glad I just read them online. (Inhumanity sure seems like more in the same vein.)

When the super-schools of the Marvel Universe gather for a Contest of Champions, things go wrong when Thanos' generic alien army attacks the Earth. Rather than focusing on the more interesting instructors (we could have read about She-Hulk, Giant-Man, Meggan, Captain Britain, Shuri Panther and more), the focus is on the students. Even worse, with so many characters caught up in other stories (like the excellent Avengers Arena), we are left with only a few strong characters to carry the load.

Quentin Quire, Finesse, and Genesis all have potential, but they share too much screen time with generic students from Wakanda, Latveria, and other schools. The villains don't offer us very much motivation either, as they are faceless masses of underlings.

Matt Kindt does a remarkable job making me care for the conflict at all. There are even a few times when I was worried for a new character! The big leviathan beast's fate in particular is quite moving and well handled. But the whole time I read this series, I was confused as to why the characters up on that cover aren't the ones featured.

Steven Sanders' art is pretty strong at this point. His takes on the characters are all on-model and the storytelling is clear. I wish I could have seen more "big-names" on the page, though.

As I said, much like Inifinity itself, this EVIL comic is skippable.

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