Friday, January 17, 2014

Uncanny X-Force v1: Let It Bleed TPB

I really like Psylocke and Storm. Fantomex seemed cooler in concept than execution; I don’t know why people don’t see him as Gambit for the 2000’s. Spiral was never my favorite villain. Puck is way down the list of faves from Alpha Flight. And I liked Bishop better as a future cop trying to fit in rather than an evil maniac.

So Sam Humphries had a lot of obstacles to overcome before I would really go crazy about this comic. I’m sad to say he never really does it.

The high concept is deceptively simple. Wolverine sends Psylocke to LA to hunt down Spiral. Psylocke is depressed after a bad breakup with Fantomex, so Storm goes along. They meet up with Puck, and find Spiral dealing drugs at a club. Only it isn’t drugs, it is the mind-affecting powers of a new mutant. One who has ties to an immortal body-stealing corruptor from the future. Where Bishop has also become involved with the psychic evil. And he comes back too. And Spiral just wants to protect the little girl.

Oh, and I guess Fantomex got split into three bodies at some point? I was unaware. This comic has Fantomex (the version closest to the original, Cluster (a female version), and Dark Fantomex (an evil version). Eva the intelligent spaceship shows up a few times as a very womanly robot, taking away from the weirdness of her relationship with Fantomex, in my opinion.

Then Bishop starts “BROOOOAAAAR”ing all the time, somehow tied to Dani Moonstar’s demon bear.
So yeah, to me, this is kind of a mess. The characters are fine on the surface, because they don’t do much more than run around. I appreciate Humphries trying to give Spiral some depth, but man, she was a solid villain, right? No need to soften her up.

There are too many story elements mixed together, and they don’t really belong together. Like a peanut butter and ham sandwich.

The art is passable, but not overly impressive. To be honest, this is barely recognizable as Ron Garney’s work. I usually love his pencils, as I do on his current Thor run. This seems oddly rushed. Perhaps the inking isn’t a good fit? Adrian Alphona comes on for the last few issues, but the art looks dreamlike and inconsistent with the earlier issues.

This is an EVIL version an old favorite. I think reading library copies is the way to go here. 

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