Sunday, January 5, 2014

12 Days of X-Mas: Day 12: X-Factor #1 (2006)

There is hope, folks. Our 12 days of X-Mas have taken us through some pretty great highs, and some truly awful lows. But the good news is that the best era of X-Factor started up in 2006 and only came to an end in November. Peter David returned to the characters he made great in the 90's. This post House of M era team featured Rictor as a depowered mutant, Strong Guy, Wolfesbane, Siryn, M, and Jamie Madrox. To no one's surprise, David nailed his pet characters and then proceeded to lay claim to the new folks too.

Along the way, the book added Darwin, Shatterstar, and a ton of X-Men guest stars.

David has been writing about this team through all sorts of incarnations. For awhile the team did low-level investigations, they teamed up with She-Hulk to fight Skrulls, and they tried to find Invisible Woman's murderer.

In all honesty, I have a stack of X-Factor comics to read (digitally) and I can't wait to dive in. The first 40 or so issues I've read are some of the most consistent comics I've read. I can't wait to see the return of Quicksilver, Havok, and Polaris.

The art is pretty fine too. Ryan Sook, Pablo Raimondi, Glenn Fabry, and more have worked with David to make some darn GOOD comics.

Best of all, David is relaunching the book with All-New X-Factor in a few days. Look for a bonus day of X-Mas this week...

I hope everyone enjoyed the 12 Days of X-Mas!

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David Charles Bitterbaum said...

I always said to anyone who would listen in person or on my blog, that if I could only buy one comic it would be Peter David's X-Factor back when it was coming out. Truly a masterpiece.