Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Warriors Three (2011)

Why was I not informed about this series? Oh, I think I put it down due to that $3.99 price tag. Darn, I’m sad I missed this, but I’m glad I found it now. Covers by Amanda Conner? Story by Bill Willingham? Rock-solid super-hero art from Neil Edwards? This thing is a winner!
This mini takes place after Siege, while Asgard is located outside Broxton, Oklahoma.

AIM has messed with the affairs of gods when they broke Fenris wolf loose and taught him some new powers. I never figured Fenris for this much of a smack-talker, but he’s wonderful! Bill Willingham gives Fenris such an unexpected, entertaining personality, I wish we could see more of him. If a series is defined by its villain, this is a winner.

Willingham keeps the story tied to past tales of Asgard by constantly offering flashbacks of the Warriors Three in the past. Back when Hogan the Grim was instead known for his wonderful singing. These guys work so well together, the classic Henry V Shakespearean archetypes, I’m not surprised that Willingham handles them so well. Adding is a female AIM scientist livens things up nicely too. Fandrall has a hard time saying no.

Some series are based on plot, and while the plot is an interesting one, this is a series that works because of the interaction of the characters. The comfortable banter between these immortal adventurers is reason enough to pick up the series.

This is a little lost gem of a series, I highly recommend it to fans of Willingham or Thor’s backup players. Keep an eye out on Comixology, this is precisely the type of series you want to grab when it goes on sale.

This comic is Good!

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