Friday, October 25, 2013

Revival TPB

I’m not sure exactly what Tim Seeley is going for in his new Image series. Is it a long-form story of a changed world? This certainly has the world-building details I’d expect from that sort of story. There are all sorts of side-characters and mundane details that make his small Wisconsin town feel lived-in. But that doesn’t always lead to a riveting read every month.

Is it a horror story? Make no mistake; there were numerous times where I actually got chills at some of the horrific scenes in this story. The slaughter in barn was gory but effective, but I was a lot more scared at the haunting howls and mumblings of ghosts lost in the woods. But these moments aren’t exactly constant either.

This has got two elements that make for a good story. Good details and a strong, well-rounded setting. But it is lacking an antagonist. At the end of the first trade, I don’t really understand what our leads are fighting against. What exactly are the stakes? What happens if they fail at whatever it is they are doing? This lack of direction does dull my interest a bit.

Fortunately, Seeley has a strong cast to keep the reader invested. Dana Cypress is a local cop in charge of dealing with the “Revivers,” the recent dead who are coming back to life. Most of them seem fine; they are just back, as they always were. But some of them are definitely… off. And they are a little violent. So Dana’s got some work to do. Dana’s sister Martha is the other lead, indulging Seeley’s penchant for hot Goth chicks.

In summary, I’m getting a big TV show vibe from this one. I could easily see this coming on after Sleepy Hollow or a show like that. This lands back in the “Fair” territory of the old ranking system.

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KlownKrusty said...

This sounds very similar to a wonderful French TV show that's currently running, called The Returned - which in turn was based on a 2004 film called They Came Back.

Details on the TV show here: