Monday, June 9, 2014

X-Men Legacy: Revenants TPB

I don’t love the art. The main character has never been one that interested me. The plot doesn’t exactly hook me. And yet Simon Spurrier has me interested in catching up on this title because of the unique voice that infuses every bit of this title.

This trade focuses on Legion’s run-ins with Pete Wisdom and other English supporting characters. I liked that Spurrier really scrapes the bottom of the barrel, including Alchemy, a character from a throwaway issue of X-Factor back in the day. He also includes a blowing up kid who I don’t even recognize. 13-year-old Timbotron would be mortified that there were X-Men characters he didn’t know…

Spurrier plays some fun tricks on both the reader and Wisdom. Thanks to Legion’s increasing mastery over his powers, the different things he can do become more and more varied. It’s a wise choice to use Wisdom as a POV character. Even after all these issues, I immediately found myself more drawn into the story when David Haller/Legion was being portrayed as the antagonist rather than our hero.

After wrapping up the England-based story, Legion heads off to America to face down the man who killed Professor X; Cyclops! Once again, Spurrier’s irreverent tone is quite enjoyable, somehow building up the respect due to Cyclops even as Legion tries to mock and belittle him. It is an easy target to doubt the use of “child soldiers” on X-teams, but Spurrier still does a nice job with it when Cyclops uses his entire team.

 Make no mistake; this is a very weird comic. The art, by Khoi Pham, looks a bit more mainstream than Tan Eng Huat’s at the beginning of this collection, but it is still out there. The backgrounds do lack a bit, and the faces can get mighty lumpy at times. I’ve seen both artists do stronger work on other titles. Huat’s art does have a certain mad energy to it that goes a long way in his issues.

This is a FAIR comic, but certainly one worth reading if you are looking for a little something different from your X-Men comics. 

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