Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Avengers: Infinity TPB

This is the book that made one of my friends, a lapsed comic reader, say "I guess I don't like comics anymore." (He was reading issues in a Barnes & Noble to try and catch up on the Marvel U.)

I see why he said it. 

Leinil Yu draws some handsome Avengers. I’ve now run out of positive things to say about this crossover storyline. Although, I’m a bit confused why Iron Man is wearing his space armor when he’s on Earth… isn’t the point of that suit… space? Yu draws Captain Marvel with some awesomely spiky hair, and he still has his tendency to over-exaggerate certain features, but his action is fun and the storytelling is clear.

I will admit this; at least Jonathan Hickman uses these crossover pages to expand on plot-hopping core Infinity series. If read in order, these issues really do fill in the gaps of how the Avengers are spending their time during the crossover. Of course, you already know most of those actions if you are reading the core title, but it is something. Even worse is that if you read any Guardians of the Galaxy crossover issues, then some of the Avengers crossovers literally cover the same story.

The problem with the “expanded” and more focused view on the Avengers is that I still don’t like how Hickman writes the team. The junior characters all seem unnecessary. The dialogue from Thor and Captain America seems to treat the story like it is very important, but it never quite feels that way. 

As I said in my Infinity review, literally the only bit of characterization I enjoyed was seeing Captain Marvel treated as one of the “big 3” while the team was in space. She did a great job filling in for Iron Man as Cap’s confidant.

There are too many unnamed characters floating around helping or hurting our core cast. If I can’t remember every member of the Imperial Guard after 30-some years of reading comics, then I’d bet others might be lost too.

This EVIL event is very skippable. 

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