Monday, February 10, 2014

Savage Wolverine v1: Kill Island HC

Let’s be honest, folks who read this book are doing it for one of three reasons. I’ll tackle those reasons as my review.

1 - Shanna the She-Devil – it is no secret that Frank Cho draws spectacular comic book women. So Shanna looks tremendous. You can almost play a game as you read the comic: spot the places where the inker or colorist had to draw panties on Shanna! I will say that he writes Shanna as a supremely confident and capable heroine. I’m curious if the power upgrade he gives her will stick or not; it would be fun to read about a super-strong, super-fast jungle woman in the Marvel U.

2 – Monsters and Monkeys – Cho also excels at drawing monsters, dinosaurs, and gorillas. He gets to do all of that here too. I guess when you are the writer; you can make sure that the same story that had raptors, T-rexes, cavemen, and fish-people also has super-strong, mystic gorillas and Lovecraftian (almost Prometheus-looking) space gods. Fans who come to this story looking for bloody action will be satisfied.

3 – Marvel U fans – Maybe you are the type that just wants to see Frank Cho draw icons on the Marvel U. He doesn’t have a huge cast, but he does have Wolverine, Hulk, Shanna, and at least one Celestial. He also spends a lot of time with Amadeus Cho. I’m not sure I remember Cho having all the powers he exhibits here, and he is a lot “prettier” and heroic than I remember, but I think that is what you get when Frank Cho draws a book. He did well choosing Shanna and Wolverine as his leads. His dialogue and banter between the two of them is very well done, especially considering how often he lets Shanna come out on the better end of the conversation. Wolverine seems a bit overmatched by the jungle heroine.

So the plot is fine, it moves the story along. Wolverine and Shanna get to meet up and either fight or team-up with a lot of interesting-looking foils. Folks should read this book for the art and to find a crowd-pleasing high adventure. This is not a character-examination or high drama. This is a FAIR comic where the writer/artist knows exactly what he set out to do, and he does it. 

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