Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lost Character: Orka

The killer whale who walks like a man!
Let’s start off with the big man himself. Orka.

Orka is a genetically engineered Atlantean warrior who got his power boost to better fight Namor the Sub-Mariner. I remember him best from his short battle with the Heroes for Hire in the late 90’s when he was pummeling Luke Cage. Cage responds with something like, “Christmas, that man punches like a howitzer!” Anyone who garners that reaction from Luke Cage must have potential.

Now, it seems that Orka died in Heroes for Hire #8 in 2007. He’s remained dead since that time. After going and researching his death thanks to Marvel Unlimited, I will judge that this does seem to be a fairly definitive death. But he was killed by the Headmen! That can't stick. And c'mon, he's a whale man! Surely some healing powers make sense...

You can’t tell me that in this Blackfish-aware world that there isn’t a more prominent place for Orka in the Marvel universe. As an environmentally-focused villain or simply as hired muscle, Orka’s design and power level make him perfect for a return.

More people need to punch like howitzers.
Cosplaying as Orka would require body paint and a big physique, putting it outside the realm of possibility for many cosplayers.

Costume: Great costume. (+20 points)
Power Set: Generic super-strength and swimming kind of hurt. (5 points)
Importance of Death: Quite inconsequential (+20 points)
Really an Inhuman?: Definitely (+20 points)
Cosplay Chances: Poor (0 points)

Return Total: 65/100

The muted colors don't pop as nicely as his original design. 

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