Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Multiversity: Thunderworld #1

Once again, Multiversity and Grant Morrison deliver a comic that I wish I could be reading every month. Let’s face it; each and every issue of Multiversity has given us a book superior to many of the monthly comics published by DC comics every month. But while many of the Multiversity issues have been good, a lot of my enjoyment has been conditional. There have been some big issues that kept me from loving the issue as-is. With Thunderworld, I have no such problems.

Morrison’s Captain Marvel is a smart and dynamic hero in a world full of excitement. Morrison dodges the gritty, modern sensibilities that Geoff Johns emphasized in his modern reboot. Instead, Morrison embraces the joy, optimism, and excitement that happens when a little boy, his sister, and his friend transform into the world’s mightiest mortals.

Focusing on the Sivana Family rather than Black Adam, Morrison leaves plenty of concepts un-mined for future follow-ups (that I can only dream about). The alliance of Sinvanas from multiple dimensions is handled so well that I found myself amused and spooked while reading the same panel. It is hard to laugh at the spooky, murderous Sivana who seems obsessed with Mary Marvel after only a glimpse. (That is probably the New 52 Sivana. Seems about right, doesn’t it?)

Cameron Stewart’s bright artwork works perfectly with the classic tone of the story. Stewart gets to really show off when the villains of the monster society show up. Mr. Mind, Sobek, and more show up looking threatening, but at the same time each of them could have just stepped from a well-drawn Saturday morning cartoon. I’m also tremendously pleased with the backgrounds. Stewart makes Fawcett City and the Rock of Eternity feel like fantastic places I want to visit. The locations almost steal the show from the tremendous figure work!

This is another GOOD issue that just reminds me that I used to love DC comics. Can I hope that after Convergence we might get some new monthlies set on these alternate Earths? I really want to read about these characters again. 

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