Friday, May 9, 2014

Silver Surfer #1 & 2

What a delight. From the opening page through each and every “PLORP,” this comic is just unapologetic fun.

I knew I was enjoying the book, based on the insane synergy of Dan Slott and Mike Allred. The wacky aliens, the tremendous poses, the insane 50’s style tech. These are all design elements Allred’s fans know and love, so seeing them implanted in the Marvel U was always going to be awesome. And Slott clearly knows his Surfer, too. In the second issue, he actually works in the Surfer crying out “Where the Surfer soars, he soars alone!” If there is one thing I love about the Surfer, it is that NO ONE mopes about his situation more. That dude can WHINE! And I love it!

What I wasn’t expecting was the Dr. Who twist of giving the Surfer a manic pixie dream girl companion to guide along the space ways. Dawn Greenwood is a tremendous breath of fresh air in Norrin Radd’s world. She brings a sense of joy and excitement to every page. Seeing her instantly bond with great alien extras like Mr. Plorp is priceless. The calm way she takes in all the madness after living her life in an isolated vacation town proves that she needs to see more worlds too. The glimpses of possible futures in issue 2 shows that she has a lot of potential with the Surfer personally too.

Mike Allred’s surfer is, of course, amazing. The poses are fantastic, the alien vistas are stunning, and the actual aliens are original and amusing. I also wish we could have seen more of the mighty hero Battle Jack! Maybe his father will get in the armor soon? I also have to laugh at the conveniently placed polka dots on Dawn’s shirt. That isn’t a coincidence, right?

This is an EXCELLENT comic. Plus, it is another book I can read with my daughters. The combination of the Surfer’s inherent coolness and a plucky Earth girl has made this one of their most anticipated reads. They are asking me every day if the next issue is out!

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