Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hawkeye #12-17

What the heck is going on in this comic? The issues are coming out in no order that I can discern. The story is now following two entirely separate plotlines set on opposite sides of the country. And the most recent issue I bought had a bunch of cartoon animals in it. And I think it was a Christmas issue? In March? I didn’t even read it. Instead, I’m afraid that issue is the final nail in the coffin for this title.

I know it is sacrilege to bag on the internet’s favorite Marvel title. But I’m a comic guy, a self-described nerd who likes super-hero comics. I want Hawkeye in his real costume, and seeing David Aja put Clint on the cover wearing his real suit is just teasing. I certainly didn’t sign up for random issues to pop up every six weeks. And based on the covers, I have absolutely no idea what is happening in any particular issue. Are following Clint and Barney Barton versus the Mime? Or are we going to check in with Kate at her local grocery store? Or are there more dog-focused issues coming?

The weird part is that I can appreciate most of this. I actually like Kate’s interludes in California. I like the low-stake, personal cases that are so important to her. I love the development of Madame Masque as a much higher-tiered villain who is obsessed with an annoying sidekick. It’s good stuff!

And the Clint and Barney story! It’s good! It isn’t the high adventure I want, but it is certainly entertaining. The easy banter between the brothers feels real, and the easy reconciliation between guys who have had so many problems feels real too. You can’t help but root for the guys; their bonds are so clear, even when Hawkeye’s teammates are expressing doubt in Clint’s familial faith.

But I feel like if I’m going to buy a “different” comic than my normal ones that at least it should come out with some discernible pattern or order. I should have some idea what I’m bringing home from the comic store. Marvel is putting out too many quality books for me to bring home a title every six to eight weeks and have no idea what is between the covers.

I have to hope/believe that Marvel will fix this printing pattern in the eventual trade. I’ll check back in after a few months and see if I can better follow the book in that format.


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