Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wolverine: Covenant TPB

The last Wolverine series sort of ended with a whimper. I don’t remember hearing anything about Cullen Bunn’s closing arc on the book, which is too bad. He and artist Paul Pelletier deliver an action-packed travelogue through the Marvel U. 

Sure, these are new locations, populated by new baddies of Bunn’s own design rather than Marvel classics, but he does a great job fitting them in to existing Marvel lore.

One exception is the inclusion of Ulysses Bloodstone as a member of the Covenant. As a super-secret organization, I’m not sure how useful a monster hunter would be, but I do like the idea of old timey-heroes and… ‘tweeners being out there looking out for the world. Bunn covers all his basis, with a hulking sorcerer, a lady adventurer, a tinkerer/inventor, a Shadow-type vigilante, and briefly, Wolverine.

Of course, Wolverine parted ways with the group real quick, and that’s the crux of this story. Softie Wolverine didn’t pull the trigger years ago, and now his target is a threat to the entire Covenant.

I’m not sure I ever really bought in to the danger of the chaos that the Covenant is trying to stave off. I certainly never worried overmuch about the fate of the dreamer either (even when she is shown to have ties to the awesome Celestials). This definitely has the feel of a fill-in story, but thanks to Bunn’s interesting characters and Pelletier’s top-notch ability to draw action, the fill-in doesn’t equal wasted time.

In the old rating, this would have been a FAIR, but the Energy Analyzer finds this comic to be GOOD. 

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