Saturday, August 31, 2013

Infinity #1

I’m not going to make any friends with this opinion, but I just can’t get in to Jonathan Hickman’s writing. I gave up on Avengers after Thor and Hyperion spent an issue talking on a hill. But I decided to give this epic, 45-part story another shot and pick up Infinity #1.

I shouldn’t have bothered. Most of the issue reprinted material from the Free Comic Book Day issue this year. While necessary, it was a repeat, so I couldn’t really make a new opinion based on it. It sort of added to the “waiting” feeling I already had with Hickman’s builders storyline.

I’ve always like the Inhumans’ costumes and designs, but as characters, I can’t get into them that much. I actually find the Eternals a bit more interesting. Adding in a ton MORE Inhumans doesn’t address my problem, and giving Black Bolt a bunch of weird wives just makes him into Bill Paxton. I think Black Bolt appears on more pages than any other Marvel hero, making this one really weird Avengers story. I mean, they really don’t do much in this one at all. 

Again, if I hadn’t already read 12 issues of Avengers to start this story, I’d be a lot more forgiving of an issue where the Avengers barely appear. I never thought I’d say this, but I think I’d like Cannonball and Sunspot back on the X-Men; at least they might get a few more lines!

The weird hunter killer villain is neat, and Jimmy Cheung’s design is intimidating, but man, I bought this comic for one reason: Thanos. He appears on one page, and doesn’t do a lot on it. It’s a great moment, full dread, but I want more, especially with a comic this thick! I mean, if Infinity Gauntlet had this pacing, then the heroes wouldn’t disappear until issue 4!

This type of serious, dramatic crossover is clearly not my cup of tea. More pages doesn’t make the threat more horrifying, it just makes me more anxious to see the story develop. I need more plot for $3.99 (or more!)

Infinity is more Crusade than Gauntlet. It is proof that long, drawn out stories are EVIL. 


KlownKrusty said...
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KlownKrusty said...

I realised Jonathan Hickman comics weren't for me a while ago, way back when he took over Fantastic Four - his pacing is glacial and he doesn't write himself out of his own cliffhangers very well. If it's supposed to be paced for the trade, then release it in that format and give someone else the writing reins on the monthly - after all, moviegoers wouldn't go see a film series that simply sets up the action promised in film number seven.

Your description of Infinity - the biggest Avengers story since the successful film last year - reminds me of how Marvel missed an opportunity at the time of the first X-Men film... that film stripped down the essence of the characters to make them fun and accessible, while the then-contemporary comics were mired in the middle of Chris Claremont's confused return as writer, with a six month unexplained gap that had radically changed characters, costumes and, perhaps most frustrating of all, brought in mysterious new villains with no back story. Anyone picking up an X-Men comic off the back of the film must have been bemused.

While Marvel Comics should not be led by movie success, there's a lot to be said for keeping ALL comics accessible to every reader.

KlownKrusty said...

Oh, and just while I'm here - while I respect your decision to change the blog focus, I miss your comic-per-day reviews. I used to drop by every day or two to read your thoughts, and I discovered a few titles I'd have otherwise missed because of your favorable reviews.

You're a great reviewer, with fascinating insights even on titles I'd never read. Those reviews are sorely missed.

Timbotron said...

Thanks! I'm getting the bug again. I felt like there wasn't enough new stuff to justify the "daily" reviews, but it has been awhile now...