Thursday, June 6, 2013

Heroes Con 2013!

It has been three years since I last made it out to Charlotte’s Heroes Convention, so it is with great excitement that I’m packing up the ol’ bags and sketchbooks again this year. It does hurt to foot the bill on the plane ticket from Wisconsin, but I’ve been going to Heroes Con with the same crew since 2000, so tradition trumps thriftiness this year.

With sketch prices going through the roof, I don’t think I’ll be able to afford too many, but I am hoping for a few original sketches and pages. This year’s theme is G.I. Joe, so I’ve got the old Order of Battle sourcebooks all ready to go. If I can get Flint, Lady Jaye, Zartan, and maybe an obscure guy like Blowtorch or Tripwire, I’ll be a happy man.

As for pages, I’m really hoping I can afford a Black Panther or Captain America page from Francesco Francavilla and a G.I. Joe page from S.L. Gallant.

I should be at the con all three days, so if you see a chubby, goateed guy, say “hi,” that’s probably me. (Hmm, on second thought, that is every nerd at the show, isn’t it.) I probably will be the only guy there in a Brewer’s hat, though!

Conventions almost always prove to the Energy Analyzer that comics are GOOD!

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