Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Comics: Good or Evil?

This guy wrote daily reviews too. 

Hopefully you are all still here! I’ve heard from some of you about the end of the daily reviews, and I appreciate the kind words. But man, a review a day eventually wears a guy down!

So with my format switch, I’ll be relying on ROM’s Energy Analyzer to help me determine whether my current subject is something that proves comics good or evil.

In moving away from daily reviews, I’ll instead be focusing on regular features. I wrote of a few of these in the past for other websites, so hopefully people still enjoy them. 

Here’s a few of the features I’m planning to write:
  • Cold Case Files – I’ll profile obscure or underused characters that I think have potential. The Grand Comics Database will need to help me with this one!
  • Dollar Bin Reviews – This will be an in-depth look at comics that are probably languishing in cheap bins at local cons or are available for cheap on Comixology.
  • Comics on the Bubble – With over 70 long boxes of comics, I can’t take up any more space. Since I’m still buying new books, something has got to go. Which runs or series will I dump? This feature will tell us.
  • The Laws of Comics – With 30 years of comic-reading under my belt, I have discovered certain truths in comic books.
  • Kid Reviews – I’m hoping to get my daughters to start helping me with reviews again. Expect a lot of Spider-Girl.
  • Solicitation Previews – I’ll point out great covers and intriguing stories, make predictions, and make fun of the monthly solicits. 

Plus I’m sure I’ll occasionally have a normal review or two, too!

So as long as the Dire Wraiths don’t steal the Analyzer, we should be able to get started!


Devin said...

Hmm... "Good or Evil" and "Good or Bad" are slightly different. Looking forward to finding out which Evil comics are also Good and which Good comics are also Bad.

Martin Gray said...

Good luck with the new format - I'm glad you're still around.

John said...

I'm glad you'll still be posting, and I am looking forward to the new format.

Reno said...

Looking forward to reading more stuff from you. :)